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Please select the number of tickets you want to order
Please select the number of tickets you want to order
Tickets for "SECURITY BSIDES KYIV 2019" (05/18/2019 – 05/18/2019)
Type Number Price Sum
General ticket
UAH 850.00
UAH 0.00
General ticket (with T-Shirt)
UAH 1,350.00
UAH 0.00
Party ticket
UAH 1,250.00
UAH 0.00
Party ticket (with T-Shirt)
UAH 1,750.00
UAH 0.00
Support ticket
UAH 2,500.00
UAH 0.00
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Event details

Every BSidesKyiv meets are interesting and unique.

This time our conference will take 12 hours from 12:00 pm to 12:00 am including party.
You will meet 6 speakers, 1 hour CTF, quest and a lot of competitions.

We wont to build a strong and fredly community and hope you will help us!

This year we have several tickets types:
1. General tickets
2. Tickets with party
3. Ticket with support (include T-shirt and our respect)
Also, we pay students attention on the possibility to receive discounts up to 400 hryvnias. For this you need to solve a simple CTF. We'll anounce the CTF's link soon. You can use discount only if you have valid student ID and corresponding CTF's key.
18 May 2019
Starts at 12:00
UBI Conference Hall (5th* floor)
Ukraine, Kiev
Dorohozhytska Street 8

Event host